We are buried beneath the weight of information, which is being confused with knowledge; quantity is being confused with abundance and wealth with happiness.
— Tom Waits
This Machine Kills Fascism

This Machine Kills Fascism

I'm angry. Furious at our government. But I am also mad at the citizenry.

In my progressive bubble there's been a very loud and deserved chorus of outrage and vitriol aimed at our current administration and the choices being made. I see it on social media and I hear it in person. It's being expressed in every available outlet. As it should.

But here's a thing that's really getting to me. I have seen this vitriol coming from people that I KNOW didn't vote in the last election. And there's a lot more people out there screaming into the void that I can only suspect didn't vote.

The vile excuse for a human that is our president is now poised to place another vile creature in a position on the court that will most certainly change the course of the nation, and potentially the world forever.

Here's the rub. Only 25.7 percent of registered voters cast a ballot for Trump. 1/4 of registered voters.

To my mind, that means that Trump won because people decided the system wasn't perfect and they opted out, or worse, they were too entitled and apathetic to be bothered by all the fuss. And I see some of you screaming. And I say your abstinence is twice the crime that a ballot for Trump was.

And then there's those that know they fucked up. The one's that wrote things like "I'm gonna sit this one out, let it burn, and see what happens." (Actually something someone wrote on my Facebook page during the presidential election.) The ones that are now seeing the folly of protesting some bullshit utopian ideal by staying home on election day. They know they fucked up and they are so conspicuously silent.

For 300,000 years, give or take, Homo Sapiens has been trying to cover every square inch of this planet. Mission accomplished for better or worse. It is imperfect to say the least.

If you drink the water. If you breath the air, burn the fuel, eat the food, and reap the rewards in any way... it is your duty to contribute to the care and maintenance as we continue to move forward at the top of the food chain.

The only tools we have to move forward are the ones at hand. One of the tools you have at hand in the USA is a ballot. 
For fuck's sake, use it.