I am a writer, director, musician and generally a maker of things from films to furniture. Sometimes I even get around to making records with my band, Jackrabbit.  I have years of experience as a commercial director and brand story teller and for ten years I was owner and Executive Creative Director of World Famous, the production company I founded in 2005. I've also written and directed a number of short films that have been well received on the national film festival circuit. 

In 2015 I left World Famous to write and direct full time. I'm developing screenplays and episodic content while staying active as a commercial and branded content director. And when I'm lucky enough to find a band that I love, that happens to need a music video, I’ll jump in on that as well. (It’s hard to make a living as a music video director but it’s harder to say “no” to a medium that is as wide open as music videos.) 

I love to hide in my shed writing almost as much as I love being in the thick of it all on a film set. Every piece of the story telling process is magic to me. From writing, to directing the actors and designing the shots to the long hours in an edit bay, if there’s a story, you’ll probably find me trying to tell it.

Below is a small selection of films, commercials and music videos I've written and directed over the last couple of years. There's plenty more if you kick around the rest of the site but this gives you an idea of what I do.



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